Lighthouse Builders fabricate custom designed turn-key Lighthouses and marine lighting.  Our specialty is fabricating REAL lighthouses and beacon lantern tops that are ready for installation when it arrives - anywhere you want a stunning functional lighthouse!  

       Quality Metal Structure Fabricating for over 25 Years !     

Great Lakes Lighthouse Builders
3000 Green Rd. Unit 131064
Ann Arbor  MI 48113
Phone: 734-717-7770
  Rob Bobberson
Fabricaton Manager
Jay Bowman
Business Manager
Tom Rizzardi
Engineering - Design
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You can attract more people and tourists by making your Waterfront Location a "COOL CITY" Destination with a Lighthouse just like this stunning example!   
Our Lighthouse at this location adds the "Sizzle to the Steak"  don't you think?  
Why just be a place when YOU can be a DESTINATION.  
It's really quite simple - Call Us!
               - Lighthouses add value to your location by attracting visitors and customers -
Real Estate - Trying to sell ??       Add the Crowning Touch to your Home or Business Project
A Lighthouse as the focal point of your landscape scene or a lighthouse lantern top on your roof will make your residential or business property unique and more valuable.
Elevate your property above the others and attract buyers and customers in this tough real estate and business climate.  Able and affluent buyers are always looking for special properties.